Editing Your Hero


Saving your changes

Remember to save your changes so they're not lost! The save button is located on the bottom right corner of your screen. It's recommended that you save often and after every change.

Proficiency in skills and saving throws

Skill and saving throw boxes can be double clicked to toggle proficiency. The bolded name and box show which skills and saving throws your character is proficient in.

Setting and using spell slots

The circles next to the name of each spell level list is where you set that spell level's available spell slots. Once you enter a value that is 1 or greater and save, the spellslot use tracker will appear above your spells.

Changing your spellcasting ability

Clicking the icon labeled spellcasting ability will cycle through abilities or a disabled icon if your character doesn't have one.

Setting your character's inspiration

The checkbox shows when your character has inspiration. You can enter dice for your inspiration in the blank space to the left of the checkbox.


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